Lancome Professional Concealer Palette

The moment I saw this concealer palette I knew I had to have it, it's just so pretty! It comes in a glossy black case with a long mirror and brush to cover all uses.

Within the palette there are two creamy concealers, the one on the left being a pink/peach shade to counteract the bluey purple shade you get on the under eye area, the middle colour should be a shade to match your skin tone as this should blend into your skin brightening any dullness. On the right hand side is a translucent powder which you use to set the concealer, this helps to even out the area and prevent the product from sliding around throughout the day.

To apply, use the flat brush which comes with the palette to apply the far left concealer over dark circles, with the same brush you then apply the centre concealer to the eye contour area. Finally just finish with a dusting of the translucent powder over the whole area in which the concealer has been applied to. It is so easy to apply and plus the palette comes with a sticker on the inner mirror giving helpful instructions on how to apply/use if you do get a little stuck on which colour to put where.

With the palette coming in 8 different shades, you can find the perfect match for your skin. I absolutely love this little dinky palette, it is such a great size to just chuck in your makeup bag and carry around with you for any touch ups throughout the day however I have to say that when using this product in my morning makeup routine I haven't yet had to touch up throughout the day, the staying power of this product is just phenomenal. I have also been mixing the two shades together and using on small spots and to cover up any redness on my cheeks or nose so it is really multi-functional and shouldn't just be seen as an under eye corrector.

Costing around £29.00 it is a little pricey but my philosophy in life is really spending that little bit extra on some products really does justify it itself in the long run in terms of quality of product and staying power and also you don't need to use a lot of product for it to have a real impact so lasts a lot longer.

What do you think of this palette?

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