Clarins Treatment Fragrance - Sunshine Scent

I work in a rather touristy Town called Bakewell (famous for it's Bakewell puddings) and there is a shop come beauty salon here called Bamboo Beauty which is a stockist of my most favourite cosmetics brand ever...Clarins! Which I must say is rather dangerous, I have been found many a lunch hour mooching around this shop spending my monthly salary on all things Clarins. On my most recent trip I bought a few new products one of which being the Clarins Treatment Fragrances in the Sunshine scent. I'm not gonna lie this wasn't on the top of my to buy list but there was an offer in the shop and I needed to buy one more item to receive three free products and a beach bag so the lovely sales lady pointed me in the direction of the Treament Fragrances and as I am going on holiday in around a weeks time I thought I would get the Sunshine scent to take with me. Boy, am I glad I bought this.

I'll be honest, I am already a humungous Clarins fan and completely buy into the brand and everything they do and stand for so really they don't need to do a hell of a lot for me to love any product they have on the market. I used this scent last Sunday for an outing with my boyfriend and oh my did I love it! I have now pretty much used up half the bottle so may need to purchase some more for my holiday, oopsy!

It has a completely unique totally summer scent, the only way it can be described is...have you ever tried the Clarins suncare range? If so, it smells just like the suncare but in a scent form, it is quite citrusy so I imagine will work wonders for keeping mosquitos and other midgies away on holiday. With plant extracts and essential oils of Sicilian mandarin and grapefruit it makes for a perfect combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Containing ylang-ylang, tonka bean and patchouli.

"Skin that is ready for time outdoors thanks to non-fragrant plant extracts that provide skin care benefits: watermelon, rich in vitamins and amino acids, helps tone the skin, griffonia seeds contain a serotonin precursor known for its beneficial effects on one's mood. The skin is soft, soothed and hydrated thanks to the properties of mimosa, linden and camomile".

I absolutely adore this fragrance, it smells amazing and feels great on the skin. I half expected this scent to be a little oily as I just kept thinking essential oils in my head but it isn't oily in one bit so doesn't stain clothing or leave skin feeling sticky. The scent is also extremely long lasting, I have been spritzing on in the morning before leaving for work and can still smell the scent at night-time. I would truly recommend this Clarins beauty, it will most certainly be making it's way into my suitcase for holiday and has cemented it's place as my favourite summer scent. At £32.00 for 100ml this is extremely reasonably priced and offers great value for money.

Have you tried any of the Clarins Treatment Fragrances?

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