Soap & Glory Glow Job Tinted Moisturiser

Now that the weather's getting a little nicer and starting to heat up everybody is looking for that cult bb cream or tinted moisturiser to achieve that lighter feeling on your face and to also look a little more natural and fresh faced.

I have recently been reaching for the Soap & Glory Glow Job Tinted Moisturiser to wear in the day for work instead of a foundation. I have really been enjoying using this product, it's so versatile, I have been wearing it as a primer with my foundation for when I want a good coverage as it gives a lovely bronzed glow to my make up, I have also been applying before bed at night time to use as a moisturiser and to give a nice colour to my face for the next day and also on it's own with a tad bit of bronzer and mascara to give a lovely natural day time look.

The lotion is made up of:

-Micro 'bronzeburst' beads which gently pop on impact with skin when massaged into your face, instantly giving a lovely bronzed healthy glow
-Raspberry stem cell extract which is deeply moisturising and boosts the elasticity of your skin leaving you looking  healthy and youthful
-Vitamin E which is very good for preventing sun damage from the harmful UV rays so not only is this product desirable it's also an essential!

I love the fact that you can see the colour instantly when applied to skin making it real easy to blend, this product is totally buildable as well so you can create as deeper colour as you want. 

A year or so ago I was totally against anything bb/cc/tinted moisturiser related as I just couldn't imagine how it would give me enough coverage to hide my acne scarring and blemishes. I have kept trying to push myself over the years to try these now make up essentials but just kept coming up against some really rubbish products that just didn't cut the mustard and in all honesty put me off even more. This S&G moisturiser was my last attempt before retreating back to my foundation and I am glad I tried it! It has completely converted me, the person who wouldn't step outside of the realms of foundation, has been converted! If like me, you are a little apprehensive of these types of products, just try it, I guarantee you won't look back.

This product now goes everywhere with me, I have had so many compliments from my family and friends and just completely random people off the street saying how lovely my skin looks. I apply this moisturiser in the morning and it still looks pretty much the same at night time when I come to wash my face, there's no sliding around like foundation or re applying throughout the day. It's ah-ma-zing!

Have you tried this product? Are you a tinted moisturiser fan? 

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