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Hey lovely ladies, apologies I have been completely distant from blogging recently. I have just been absolutely manic with work and home life so not had a lot of time to concentrate on my blog.

I have just recently got back from a very lovely holiday in Cyprus with my boyfriend Nick and went slightly crazy at duty free...oops! One of the items I picked up was this lovely Bobbi Brown lipstick, I am massively into my lipsticks but have never actually tried what Bobbi has to offer in that area, I'm not sure why as I love their base products and powders but never ventured into the lip territory. And, I must say I am not disappointed.

I am really crushing on nude/neutral orange and peachy shades at the moment and this lipstick falls perfectly into that category. I find this lipstick really moisturising and doesn't dry the lips out at all, it leaves a lovely natural sheen so great for a day time look. In evenings, I have been wearing a clear gloss over the top just to give a more glamorous dressed up look. This lipstick looks great against a peachy bronzed cheek, I have been pairing it with MAC peaches in the daytime and MAC sunbasque in the evenings.

Being a self confessed lipstick hoarder I have tried my fair share of brands from budget to premium and I can honestly say this lipstick is one of my favourites, I am usually a fan of MAC however this Bobbi beauty has now converted me over as I sometimes find some MAC lipsticks to be quite drying. Also, it sounds silly but all the time when buying lipsticks I use it for a couple of days and then the lipstick seems to move within the case and gets squashed against the side of the packaging when twisting the product up, and you get these horrid scratches in the side of your lipstick which really is just heartbreaking! So far, I haven't had this problem at all with BB so this on its own makes this lipstick an absolute winner. I also love the girls at Bobbi Brown, I find all the sales ladies so helpful and approachable which really says a lot to me about a brand and this alone would encourage me to buy more Bobbi Brown products.

All in all I love this lipstick and will most definitely be purchasing it in several other shades that I already have my eye on.

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