Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Powder - No 40

I've got to say I do not own a hell of a lot of Chanel makeup purely because I find it very heavily scented and quite over priced, I always try to stay away from the Chanel counter as I know I will get drawn in by the beautiful Chanel packaging alone and my credit card will not thank me for it. However one afternoon shopping with my best friend I was looking for a matte slightly bronzed finishing powder when I happened to stumble across the Chanel counter in Selfridges and instantly fell in love with yep, you guessed it, their packaging. This little compact is just the most attractive piece of makeup I own, the cream top with black sides and bottom and a dinky little brush snuggly fitted on top of the powder with a smooth velvet pouch to protect the compact. And lets face it, no one can resist the lure of that signature Chanel logo.

So the nice sales lady got me up on her chair and worked her magic, the product just felt so luxurious on my face and this powder was like no other I have ever tried. One sweep of the brush and I looked like an airbrushed model, that was it, sold! All the time, I buy products after the makeup ladies have applied it so nicely to my face and get it home where no matter how hard I try I just cannot create the same look. But when applying this powder at home I easily created the exact same look the sales lady gave me in Selfridges without even a lot of effort. The powder picks up so easily onto my brush and evenly distributes itself over my face with one sweep of the brush, thus meaning I don't end up looking muddy.

The product is very sheer and is lovely as a finishing powder, the sales lady advised me to try a shade darker to give me that slightly bronzed look which works perfectly. Also, the powder contains an SPF15 so this is good if your moisturiser or foundation doesn't contain an SPF as you still get the protection from the powder. I just tend to wear this powder in the daytime rather than nighttime with it containing titanium dioxide as this ingredient often causes a white glare in pictures. It does still have the Chanel signature scent but isn't overly fragranced so isn't overbearing and offers just a nice whiff of floral freshness. 

I cannot recommend this product enough, you can absolutely tell the quality of this product from the packaging down to the actual powder. It is such a dream to work with and I will definitely be re purchasing this when it eventually runs out but I have had it for around 6 months or so now bearing in mind I am using it pretty much every day and I've not even dented it. At £39.00, yes it is a little pricey but who can put a price on happiness!

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