Dress Down Friday

Dress Down Friday

Dress Down Friday by dreamingpretty

So it's Friday again, another week gone! Crazy how time flies but lets face it everyone loves a Friday and it's what all people that work Monday-Friday look forward to.

A lot of offices including mine have a dress down day on a Friday and I personally love this, I like to still try and dress a little smart even on my dress down days just in case you get a surprise meeting or a client/supplier pops in unannounced, so jeans and a jacket or blazer are always my go to. Plus, you're already prepared if work colleagues decide to go for some after work drinks or a meal coz lets face it you wouldn't want to be going for drinks in a hoody and leggings now would you. I like to keep my outfits quite simple and neutral and then add some sparkle or colour with my accessories or makeup, so a nice dusky pink lip and sparkly shoes and ear rings are just the ticket for this outfit. 

What do you wear on your dress down days? 


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    1. It's from French Connection hun, it was online in the sale a few days ago. xx