Friday Night Pamper

Friday Night Pamper

Friday Night Pamper by dreamingpretty 

After a long week at work Friday night is the night that I like to have a little pamper, throughout the week I pretty much just neglect myself and body from any form of pamper. In the week I get in from work, take the pooch out for a walk, have tea, have a shower and before I know it it's 10 o'clock at night and the last thing I want to start doing is painting my nails and moisturising my skin so I jump in bed and get some much needed beauty sleep in. So once Friday hits I like to get a bottle of wine in and enjoy a good old pamper session, as soon as I get home I apply a deep conditioning hair treatment and tie my hair up in a pineapple ready for the night ahead. Then pretty much slob out on the sofa, catch up on my weekly soaps and give my body the attention it needs whilst filling it full of healthy things like wine and chocolate! 

How do you spend your Friday night or do you have your pamper session on another night of the week?

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