Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster Wonder Spray

So, I'm just gonna put this out there and say I hate blow drying my hair! My hair strands are very fine but I have a lot of them and my hair seems to hold water like nobodies business so takes absolutely forever to dry my hair, my hairdresser has to book around 3 hours out of her day just to colour and blow dry my hair, it's insane! So when I spotted this beauty in the boots 3 for 2 offer, I just had to have it. Anything that promises a faster blow drying experience is a winner for me. 

So I was a little sceptical of this product as I just thought how can a spray, which lets face it, is adding even more moisture into my hair make blow drying faster. This spray claims to reduce the time drying your hair, offers heat protection up to 220°C, helps to detangle hair and also contains a slight bit of hold to keep your style in place. My hair gets tangled really easily and very knotted and I must say this product really did help with the detangling, I spray the product into my hair and comb through to the ends. 

When blow drying my hair, I really cannot be bothered with the whole sectioning parts and brushing through blah, blah, blah. So I literally just turn my head upside down and blast the dryer through my hair, I know this isn't exactly the best way to dry your hair but my hair takes that long to dry I just haven't got time or patience to do it properly. When drying my hair, it usually tends to take anywhere between 25-30 minutes to be completely dry, when using this Lee Stafford spray it has cut my drying time down to 13 minutes! Yep, that's right I timed it! 13 minutes! That's less than half the time it usually takes. 

Not only does this product significantly cut my blow drying time down but also makes my hair feel so soft and silky. I am completely sold on this product, don't ask me how it works as I haven't got the foggiest but believe me it does work. 

I have never really got into Lee Stafford products, only because I love Aussie and this is the brand I always just steer towards but after trying this spray I will definitely be purchasing more Lee Stafford products from now on. 

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