This post is just dedicated to Minnie my beautiful dog. I felt I wanted to start these posts around once a month just to give you more of an insight into my life with Minnie plus I get to show you pretty photos of her cute face! I love reading blog posts about other peoples dogs and how much they love them, it's just so lovely to see and read especially when there is so much animal cruelty in the world. It's nice to remind ourselves that their are people out there who love and care for animals. 

I have had my dog Minnie now for around 2 years, she is meant to be a Shih Tzu however I think I may have been miss sold when I bought her as now she's growing up she really doesn't look like a Shih Tzu! But to be completely honest I really don't care as I wouldn't change her for the world. 

 This was the day we bought Minnie home. 

Since being young we have always had a dog in the family, my friends and other family members have also always had dogs, so I grew up around them from being a young girl. When our family dog Lady passed away coming up to 3 years ago now I was completely heartbroken and swore I would never have another dog ever again but then Minnie came along and the rest they say is history.

Our first dog Lady

Nick and I just absolutely adore Minnie, she sleeps in bed with us under the covers and her little head rests on the pillows. She is an absolute ball of fire, full of character and mischief but is also the most loving little dog ever. She loves to have cuddles and kisses and would lie with you on your knee all day if you allowed her to. She likes to sit in my bedroom window keeping a watchful eye over the house. 

My heart is literally melting

 Her perch

I still live with my parents and so does my sister (Bec) and her boyfriend (Matt), so the house is pretty mad at times as Bec and Matt have got a collie named Ollie, he was a rescue dog. So there is often 6 people and 2 dogs in a semi detached 3 bed house! Ollie and Minnie are both family dogs but when myself and my sister move out Ollie will go with Bec and Matt and Minnie will come with myself and Nick. 

The best of friends

For Nicks' birthday last year one of his presents that I bought him was a dog photo shoot for his pooch Tess, as she is getting a little old now I thought it would be a nice idea for him to have a professional photo that he can remember Tess with and then for my birthday last year Nick copied me and bought a photo shoot for Minnie as a present for me. So anyway long story short, we went a couple of weeks ago to a park in Derby to have this photo shoot and it was such a lovely day. The weather was beautiful and it was really nice to spend some time together, all four of us :) 

So that's it for now really, this is just the first post of many on my little love. Many more to come.

Just a few more snaps of Minnie to make you go Aww :) 

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