Soap & Glory For Daily Youth Foamy Moisture Face Wash

Recently, I have really been getting into Soap & Glory as a brand, their skincare seems to suit my skin perfectly and isn't overly expensive either.

I have very much combination skin which varies from being really oily to going extremely dry so as you can imagine it has been a real nightmare trying to find something to suit both of these needs. Before using this I was using Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub which I really loved at first but then after a month or so of using it I noticed my skin getting increasingly drier and drier to the point where my skin was flaking away and it was really sore, so I instantly stopped using this scrub as I wondered if it was just too drying for my skin. I wondered maybe using a scrub even though it was pretty gentle every day was a little too much for my skin so I thought maybe get a more gentle wash with micro beads inside rather than an actual scrub and see how that works.

Well, so far I like it and there is nothing wrong with it but I just feel a bit 'meh'. The product is ok, it removes makeup and impurities and freshens your face and does everything else that it probably should but foam it does not. It is described as being a foamy moisture face wash but I don't find it foamy at all, after using this wash for a couple of weeks my dry skin has got better but in all honesty I think that's just because I stopped using the Neutrogena Scrub. I don't mind the product, I can kind of just feel like I don't not like it but I don't actually like it, it's just stuck somewhere in between, I will continue to use until it's all gone but won't repurchase and at a price of £9.00 it is pretty expensive for what it actually is. I much prefer the Peaches and Clean cleanser from the Soap & Glory range. 

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