July Favourites

So I've been thinking that I am going to start doing monthly favourite posts, I used to do weekly posts but I found that a bit too much. Throughout July obviously the weather has been pretty damn hot so my monthly favourites are mostly centred around the heat and sun as the products I have been using are to try and combat just that. So here we go:
1. Top of the list has to got to be my Clarins HydraQuench Cream, it just instantly freshens and awakens your skin when applied in the morning leaving your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised for the whole day. 
2. Next is the Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, I spray this on after I have applied my makeup and it just instantly sets my face. Plus, I carry it around in my handbag in the day as it is lovely to just spray when you're feeling a little tired or hot or just feel like you need a pick me up. It also has a lovely rosewater scent which I just adore. 
3. Following on from the face mist, I have also been loving the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye cream. It is super hydrating and helps to reduce any puffiness. It feels lovely when applied at night time before bed as I suffer with hay fever really quite bad and my eyes get really swollen and dry throughout the day, after an application of this it just soothes the eye area and really helps me to relax. 
4. Another Body Shop favourite this month (you can see a theme building here) is the Pink Grapefruit shower gel. I love a good fruity scent for summer, they are just so uplifting and really make me happy. I am completely obsessed with the Body Shop body products and find them such great quality. The Pink Grapefruit range has got to be my favourite out of the scents and is my all time favourite summer body care. 
5. This is a really quite boring one but everyone uses deodorant so it's pretty much essential. I have always hated the smell of deodorant and find majority of them just smell talcy but when I found the Dove Pomegranate Anti-Perspirant Spray I instantly loved it. It smells so fruity and summery and helps to keep you feeling fresh all day in this summer heat.
6. Last but not at all least is yep, another Body Shop product. The Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder has been my go to this month to add just a little colour to my face. I try to always keep my face protected from the sun so I don't tend to ever get a tan on my face, which means I need to add a little more colour sometimes with makeup so that my face doesn't look a different colour to my body. Enter the Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, it gives a matte finish but doesn't make you look muddy so gives a real natural bronze colour. Throughout the summer I like to mainly use a tinted moisturiser so paired with this bronzer it gives a lovely natural look. 
And that's it, my July favourites. What are you favourites?

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