Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Let me just say I am very particular over my mascaras, it has be the right shade of black, crazy I know, I mean how many shades of black can there be right? It has to have the right sized wand, not too big but not too small. I like a mascara to also look fancy with eye catching packaging, it needs to have the right sized bristles and these depend upon the material of the bristles. But honestly, I don’t think I am the only woman out there who is this fussy over her mascara. Right girls?
I have tried all different sorts of mascaras from different brands to different shapes and sizes and when this Soap & Glory mascara caught my eye in Boots I instantly fell in love. The gold packaging just speaks for itself, it looks uber expensive and luxurious and feels quite heavy which just shouts quality to me. The brush has a v like groove running through it, which helps to create volume and intensity. When I first started to use the mascara I was a little baffled as to how I was meant to apply this mascara with having a different designed brush, but you soon get used to it, I apply one coat and leave to dry just slightly, then roll the brush through the length of my lashes to create a voluminous effect.
I absolutely love this mascara, I love the packaging, the brush, the colour and the effect it gives. I have tried quite a number of mascaras and have often found that getting towards the end of the day my lashes end up looking a little lacklustre so I then have to apply another coat of mascara to perk them up again but not with this S&G beauty, oh no. This mascara literally lasts all day and looks the same in the evening before I wash my face as it looked when I first applied it in the morning. I also hate clumpy eyelashes, well what woman does, if I ever get clumpy eye lashes I find myself fiddling throughout the day with my eyes trying to pull out the clumps and at the end I realise I have pretty much pulled out all my eye lashes, not a good look! This mascara doesn’t seem to clump what so ever, no matter how many coats you apply, in fact the more coats you apply the more voluminous and fuller your eyelashes get. This mascara also removes like a treat just one sweep of eye makeup remover and its gone, no panda eyes in the morning for me then.
For £10.50 I believe this mascara is a real bargain, compared to other brands such as L’Oreal, Max Factor and Bourjois which all have mascaras around the same price I think this one comes out on top. 


  1. This looks so luxurious yet it's affordable. Lately I've stepped away from fibre brushes but this sounds interesting :) x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Ooh you really need to try this one hun, if anything is going to win you back it's this xx