The Work Wear Edit

The Work Wear Edition
I know what you're thinking, boring right? Yeah I know, I'll be the first to admit my work wardrobe is pretty dull and boring but this is what I feel comfortable and professional in and my mum has always said as long as your feel good you will look good. Having worked in an office environment for 5 or so years I have finally come to realise that less is more.

I have always thought the key to a great work wardrobe is having just a small number of classic pieces which can be mixed and matched. All you need is a pencil skirt, pencil dress, a pair of black tailored trousers and just 3 or 4 shirts or blouses. A cream cardigan is always great to soften down a really corporate look or a nice knit to wear over a collared shirt. A good bag is a must, I personally love the ZARA city bag which has a number of different compartments and is perfect for any after work drinks as it still looks stylish enough for a nice cocktail or wine bar. A good pair of black patent courts will go with anything, I like around a 4-5 inch heel for work as it just gives me that height to feel more confident and comfortable and plus I actually find this height heel easier to walk in than tiny little kitten heels.

Of course, every girl needs a trench. Burberry will always be my all time dream but sadly I will probably never be able to afford one so for the time being my go to shops are ZARA, Marks & Spencer and French Connection. They have some really affordable yet great quality trenches. And of course, I always finish any look off with a simple yet stylish watch.

What do you wear for the office? Have you any ideas for me to brighten up my work wardrobe?


  1. I'm forever looking at chic workwear that doesn't break the bank. Great post! x

    1. Hi hun, oh god tell me about it! You can quite easily spend a fortune on work clothes as well which is why I think it's best to just have a couple of classic pieces. xx