A Sunday Update

Who doesn't like Sundays. It's the only day when staying in your pyjamas all day and just being generally lazy is acceptable. Sundays are my favourite day of the week even with Monday morning looming, there is just something so relaxing and chilled out about a Sunday.

This is almost an introductory Sunday post as in the New Year I am going to be making a couple of changes to my blog. 2015 will be bringing a new blog design and different ideas of posts etc. One of these different ideas is a Sunday post each week, I will be posting a DIY idea or baking recipes or skincare routines etc. I feel at the moment that yes, whilst Dreaming Pretty is a beauty blog so I need to be posting beauty reviews, I also just want to try and mix things up and post something different each week. I will still be doing 2 or 3 beauty reviews each week but I will also be doing a post on a Sunday which will be something a little different to the usual and I will most likely be posting something a bit different in the week as well. At the moment I am posting near enough every other day or sometimes every day on my blog but with working full time, even though I love blogging, I just can't keep it up. So instead of doing on average around 5 posts a week I will be doing 3 or 4 but with more content and variety. 

There are also a few different posts coming throughout December but you will have to wait until 1st December to find that out. 

I hope you all enjoy whats coming in 2015 and please leave any comments with ideas of what you would like to see more of on Dreaming Pretty. 

Have a lovely Sunday ladies! xx

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