Bedside Beauty

There are some products which we all keep by our bed side and tend to apply just before going to sleep, well these are mine. I don't technically have a bedside table, it's more like my beauty cabinet which just happens to be next to my bed.

I have lots of products which I use before bedtime in my evening skincare routine but didn't really want to include these as that's my evening routine not products that I keep next to my bed ready for beddy bise. So anyway here are my bedside staples which I swear by:
Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, this stuff is just divine. It's like a little tiny pot of joy. The oil is pretty thick in consistency and smells...there's just no words to describe how amazing this oil smells. With it being quite a thick consistency I don't tend to use this oil in damp hair before blow drying as I feel it makes it quite heavy, for this I love my Garnier Hair Oil. Around once a week, I apply this oil all over my hair before bedtime and leave to soak in all night then rinse in the morning. It leaves hair feeling super soft and nourished.
Burts Bees Banana & Beeswax Hand Cream, this is what dreams are made of. It is ultra thick and rich so feels really luxurious when applying, I smother my hands in this cream before bed and really try to massage into my cuticles and when waking up in the morning my hands feel super soft and cuticles are moisturised. This cream smells lovely put isn't over scented so is just nice and relaxing to help you drift off.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm, all the products from the Eight Hour Range are lovely but this is my favourite. Anyone that knows me knows I am completely obsessed with lip balms, I think I have got to the point now where my lips are so used to having lip balm on them they have withdrawal systems if I don't apply it. I use this balm just before going to sleep, I slather it all over my lips and make sure I have a good thick coat to last all night then just leave it to do it's magic.
Avon Sleeptherapy Balm, when I'm struggling to sleep at night I just apply a couple of dabs of this balm to my temples and it always helps me drift off. I also have a pillow spray which is lovely.
Vaseline Original, this is just my product for all uses. I apply it to my eyelashes and eyebrows to help moisturise them at night, my cuticles, my lips, any dry skin patches that I get sometimes around my ears and I also dab a little around my nostrils in the summer time as I get really bad hay fever and applying this at night time just stops any pollen getting into my system when I sleep.
Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator, this is my go to night cream when I need a serious kick of hydration. It smells just incredible and has a lovely non greasy texture.
That's my bedtime beauty, what's yours?


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  2. I really want to try out the Elizabeth Arden cream, everyone raves about it! Great post x

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    1. Ooh, you must try it! It's so lovely and versatile xx