Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

Can I just start by saying how much I adore the Body Shop Body Butters, they are just so luxurious and in my opinion the best thing that has ever been produced by The Body Shop. 

I absolutely love the Pink Grapefruit scent of this range however for Winter I like to edge more towards to the Coconut scent just because it feels a lot more rich and luxurious for those cold wintery nights in. I picked up this shimmer version quite a while ago now and to be completely honest I actually forgot about it until I was clearing my cupboard out the other day. It has lovely shimmer to it but not over the top, I have been using it for nights out around this party season to give my skin a lovely glow without looking like a disco ball.

It is super moisturising and sinks in relatively quickly, I tend to apply straight after a shower so it has time to sink in whilst getting ready and by this time it is pretty much dry. It has a lovely subtle shimmer and gives a really nice glow to the skin, it looks lovely across the decolletage and on arms and legs for parties or drinks out with friends. I wouldn't particularly use this product throughout Summer but that is just my personal preference that I like to use shimmery and glittery products around the party season.

Honestly, I would recommend this product to every lady in the whole entire world. Not only does it look great when on but it also smells incredible and is super moisturising. 


  1. I love The Body Shop Body Butters too! They're perfect for Winter, whereas I find the Body Sorbets better for summer, they're just so lovely and light! This shimmery butter would be amazing for Christmas parties, and would be great for putting on bare legs. Imagine the highlighting! *swoon* x

    Olivia's Notebook

  2. I love the body shop body butters!
    I've nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award, details are on my blog if you are interested :) x