Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser

I love, love, love this product! Clarins you have done it again. 

This cleanser is very similar to a micellar water without the water so it doesn't dry out the skin. To apply, I just soak a couple of cotton pads with the liquid and sweep all over my face including my eyes (yes it's that gentle) and voila! I don't really tend to use this as my only cleanser as my face needs a deeper more thorough clean. So I cleanse with my Clarins Anti Pollution Cleansing Cream and then follow with this cleansing water as more of a toner. 

My skin is so sensitive and often very dry, I do get the odd oily t zone and have oily eye lids but on the whole my face is more on the dry side. Micellar waters and other toners are often quite harsh on my skin and they leave my face feeling tight and dry but with this cleansing water my face feels soothed and clean.

Thanks to the lovely ingredients in this water, it is super gentle on the skin and lifts dirt and impurities away so efficiently. Ingredients include:
-Moringa Seed extract which helps to combat pollution and neutralises the skin
-Peach Essential Water, helps to improve skins softness, suppleness and comfort. Any skin care product containing peach is just a winner for me
-Coconut derivative, this helps to dissolve surface grime and light makeup
As you can see from the ingredients this is a super gentle and caring cleansing water, perfect for sensitive dry skins like mine. 

I just absolutely adore this cleansing water, nothing else comes close to this for me. It has really helped to even out my skin tone and calm breakouts. Before using this cleanser my skin was in a bit of a state as it was just after using the Caudalie Beauty Elixir that I started using this Cleansing Water. I went into Bamboo Beauty in Bakewell and basically pleaded for their help. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir had dried my skin out so much that it was flaking away and created a really strange sore spotty type rash all over my forehead and cheeks...sob sob. They recommended this Clarins Cleansing Water and after around 7-10 days of usage it started to clear my skin up and the rash slowly but surely started to disappear. I absolutely swear by this product now, I knew Clarins wouldn't let me down. 

Have you tried this Cleansing Water? What do you think of it?


  1. This looks amazing. I have quite sensitive skin so this would be perfect for me!


    1. It's so lovely and soothing for sensitive skin, I just completely love it. xx

  2. I need to get my hands on this cleanser, love the sound of it!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. It so lovely Jasmine, you must try it if you have dry or sensitive skin xx