No7 Makeup Brush Cleanser

I absolutely love this stuff. It's so simple, quick and easy to use. 

To use No7 just advise to pump one or two pumps of the product onto a tissue and brush the bristles over the tissue to remove the makeup. It is really surprising at just how much makeup is removed out of your brushes from just sweeping over the tissue, the makeup literally just melts away from your brush. It is worth just noting that this product is mainly just for daily use so your brushes still need a deep once a month. 

The reason I love this product so much is the quickness, you just sweep your brushes over the tissue. Leave to dry (which only takes a couple of hours as the brushes aren't wet completely) and you can use again. I don't find any liquid is left over in the brushes as you only sweep the bristles over and it leaves your brushes feeling completely cleansed and fresh.

Also, as you only need a tiny bit of product on the tissue the bottle lasts a seriously long time. Whilst I have been using this product as No7 recommend, I have also been using it to deep clean my brushes. I have been wetting the brushes first and using to remove all traces of makeup and dust etc leaving my brushes feeling super duper soft and clean. I now swear by this product and considering I use it pretty much on a daily basis it has lasted just over a month which I think is pretty good going. I much prefer this to other brush cleaners that I have tried from more premium brands and will most certainly be re purchasing. 

Have you tried this makeup brush cleaner? What do you think of it? 


  1. Love the sound of this, ive heard amazing things about it! Ill have to give this a go :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. It's so easy to use, I'm now on my second bottle xx