Day 10 Christmas Countdown - DIY Christmas Crackers

This year I thought it would be really fun to make my own crackers, it gives a sense of achievement when you're sat around the dinner table with the family and enjoying the crackers you made from scratch. Well, technically not from scratch. I picked up this kit from my beloved Hobbycraft which included the cracker template thing (not sure what the technical term is), hats, jokes, the cracker snappers and some ribbon to tie on the ends. All I needed to do was assemble. 

It was super easy and really fun as well, I also popped a few little surprises into the crackers for when we sit down to eat. The idea of having a homemade Christmas just makes this little bit more fun and gets you into the festive spirit, I am also making my own baubles, candles, christmas cards etc. 

Will you be making anything for Christmas?

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