Day 11 Christmas Countdown - No7 Radiant Spheres Highlighter

So it's day 11 of my Christmas countdown which means we are pretty much half way to Christmas! With this in mind I have got a review of a Christmas limited edition highlighting powder from No7 for you today, enjoy.

I picked this up in Boots a couple of weeks ago as I am such a sucker for limited edition products so this went straight into my basket. No7 always bring some lovely items out at Christmas time. 

It's a powder highlighter with a mixture of pink, bronze and silver highlighting elements. Just to warn you it is quite glittery/shimmery so you don't want to apply too much unless you want to look like a disco ball. It comes encased in a lovely little compact with a built in mirror which is great for touch ups on a night out. 

I have just been using all together so I swirl my brush around the whole pan and apply to areas that I want to highlight but if you wanted to you could use a small brush and just dab a particular shade and use to highlight smaller areas like the brow bone and down the centre of the nose. The powder picks up really well onto the brush and spreads really evenly onto the skin. 

All in all, I really love this powder. It gives lovely subtle shimmer to the skin and is great for the current party season as it could be used over the decolletage and I also use to lightly brush over my arms and legs to give a nice shimmer. 

Anyone looking for a nice highlighting compact that's easy to use and gives a lovely effect with minimal effort then this is for you.


  1. This looks stunning I love the shades and the design! I had no idea this was even released x

    Beauty with charm

    1. It's just so beautiful and lovely to apply xx

  2. This looks gorgeous! Xo