Day 13 Christmas Countdown - Party Nails

So we're halfway to Christmas and the glitter nail polishes have well and truly been put the test over the past couple of weeks so here are my favourites:

Essie 815 Leading Lady, this is such a rich ruby red colour and the glitter is so dense that it gives great coverage. I know with some glitter polishes they look fantastic in the bottle but the density of the glitter is just not there so it's better as a top coat rather than a full polish, but not this one, two coats gives the most incredible glittery red colour and I found it stays chip resistant for up to a week which is pretty damn impressive.

L'Oreal 910 Gold Carat, this is another glitter polish with great density. I absolutely love L'Oreal nail polishes, the applicator is the perfect proportion for my nail size. I have been using this more for tips and it gives such a lovely finish and look. 

L'Oreal 837 Bling Bling Bang, another L'Oreal favourite. I haven't seen any other polishes like this on the high street at the moment. It is a lovely navy glitter and looks fabulous on. It has the most stunning shine and glitter to it. This is one my top top favourites and is absolutely perfect for Christmas parties. 

Ciate 116 Heirloom, this is a lovely colour. It is slightly holographic so shines different colours in different lights and angles. I find with Ciate they don't last that well on my nails, they start to chip after less than a day so I tend to wear this just on a night out and then remove in the morning. But they always give the nicest shine and finish and the cute little bottles are just too hard to resist.

Barry M 439 Moon Light, I wore this the other day just on the tips over white nail varnish. It has flecks of red and silver and looks uber festive. This wouldn't work as a full polish as the density is very loose but looks lovely as a top coat and you just know what you're getting with Barry M. 

Maybelline Color Show 229 Bronze Me Up, this contains quite big flecks of glitter so is best as a top coat as the density again is quite loose. Or it looks lovely brushed over the top half of the nail. It's such a lovely bronze colour and looks great paired with the darker more wintery shades. 

So that's my favourite party glitter nail polishes, have you tried any of these? What do you think of them?


  1. Those are all stunning, love that Essie shade!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. The Essie is probably my favourite of them all xx