Day 22 Christmas Countdown - Minnies Christmas Lead and Collar

I will just start by saying, please excuse the mess around Minnies' face. Just as I was preparing to take these photos she thought it would be good idea to go digging in the back garden...needless to say Mummy wasn't very happy but I can't stay mad at her for long, especially with that cute face. 

I always like to spoil my little girl over Christmas, well I spoil her throughout the whole year but I especially like to spoil her at Christmas time. She has got lots of new toys, bones, chews, a new bed, a new blanket and lots more to open on Christmas Day, she loves to unwrap presents! She's not one for jumpers or dressing up, so I don't really buy her any clothes, she just sits there and looks at you as if to say take it off, take it off now. So this year I thought I would buy her a special collar and lead to use and wear on Christmas Day. 

It is a lovely black velvet set with a grey velvet bow, I cannot get over the cuteness! Because Nick and I currently still live with our parents, he stays at mine on Christmas Eve and then we like to take Minnie for a nice walk on Christmas Day morning, I think this year we will go to Rudyard Lake which is just outside of a little town called Leek for our annual stroll. Minnie will be sporting her new lead and collar.

I know this post is not beauty related whatsoever but I just needed to share the cuteness factor of this collar and lead. And I got it from, wait for it, The Range! There are some really nice little doggie things in there this Christmas so if you like to spoil your pooch over the holiday season then make your way over to the nearest The Range for some fab bargains. 


  1. This is too adorable!! I'm tempted to grab one for my dog too! x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter