Day 4 Christmas Countdown - My Favourite Christmas Films

What's better than chilling out with a glass of wine, fire roaring and a Christmas film marathon. There's something I absolutely adore about Christmas films, they really get me into the festive spirit and they are perfect to have on in the background when wrapping presents and writing cards.

My favourite films are pretty much the classics and what you would expect to see on someones favourites, some would say boring as they are so predictable, others would say classic and timeless...I know what I would say! My favourites are as below:

-Home Alone, this is just the ultimate Christmas film! I know all the words and will never tire of watching it...keep the change ya filthy animal.
-Miracle on 34th Street, this is such a heartwarming film which will never get old.
-It's a Wonderful Life, if you don't like this film then there is something seriously wrong with you.
-A Christmas Carol, who couldn't love this film, it just reminds me of my childhood. 
-The Santa Clause, this just never gets old and I can watch it over and over. 
-Elf, I am yet to meet someone who doesn't love this film. It's absolutely hilarious...Santa, I know him! 
-Love Actually, another classic, Nick hates this film but I absolutely love it. 

What are your favourites?


  1. I love all these films and I actually just want to watch them all now. Miracle on 34th Street still melts my heart every time I watch it, Elf has me in stitches of laughter and Love Actually is just the best romantic film for this time of year x

    Beauty with charm

    1. They're just classics aren't they! xx

  2. Lol love reading your blog, but all I cant think of is noo it will scratch them!


    1. Haha! Never thought about that :) xx