Battle of the Brows

I am naturally quite fair haired so my eye brows often look non existent when they haven't been filled in. I always think eye brows can make such a massive difference to a persons face so it's important to get them right.

I use a number of different products but these are my current favourites:

Clarins Brow Palette, this palette contains 3 different shades of powder, a setting wax and a highlighting powder. This is my perfect travel companion, it has a massive interior mirror along with tiny tweezers. This just always gives my brows such a natural look and really fills them in just lovely. Also, the gold casing just makes it look super luxurious and glamorous. 

Revlon Brow This Way Gel and Benefit Gimme Brow are both very similar in concept. They are both gels and build a natural looking brow. I do prefer the Benefit Gimme Brow as the Revlon can go a little dry and flakey if you put too much product on but both give a lovely natural look with minimal effort. 

The Revlon Brow Fantasy is my current favourite. It has a dual end with a pencil on one end and a gel on the other. Step one you pencil in your brows then step two brush the gel over to set the brows. This particular shade gives the perfect colour for my brows and just gives a lovely and natural finish to the eye brows. I do enjoy penciling my brows in at times as I just find it quicker and more precise some times so when I am in a rush and need to head the house in 2 seconds flat I grab for the MAC Eye Brow Crayon, the nib on this crayon is really slim so is great for precision and gives a really subtle finish when drawn on with the grain.  

Lastly I use the No7 Lash & Brow Perfector to set my brows, this just finishes off the brows and helps to condition them as well. Some nights I do just apply this before bed to my lashes and brows to condition them over night. 

What do you use on your eye brows?

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