Clarins One Step Facial Cleanser

I received this cleanser as a free sample with a purchase a while ago and it sat in my beauty cabinet for a couple of months before I started using it. I just thought, I don't understand it really. A cleanser and toner in one and with my sensitive and dry skin I wasn't sure it would work all that well. So hey ho I thought I would give it a go and see what happens.

It is meant to be a cleanser and toner in one with no need to rinse and it should remove makeup easily and quickly. I have to say, the smell of this product is just divine but that's pretty much all the positives I have about this. It took a good 6-8 soaked cotton pads to even start to remove my makeup and I wasn't even wearing a full face of makeup. After removing the makeup it left quite a thick greasy layer on my skin so I felt like I still needed to rinse my face as it just didn't feel clean enough. 

Because it took quite a lot of rubbing and wiping to fully remove my makeup it left my skin feeling really sensitive and sore. It is meant to be for all skin types but I wouldn't recommend for sensitive as it just makes it worse. 

I wouldn't purchase this product for myself as I just didn't really like the concept of it and it didn't suit my skin type but I do love the Water Comfort One Step Cleanser which is similar in concept but much nicer to sensitive and dry skin.


  1. I was thinking about purchasing this but my skin is quite sensitive so I'm glad I read this, great review :) x


  2. Oh really, try the water comfort one step cleanser as I much prefer this xx