ELF Haul

So I re discovered ELF the other day when online and I got hooked. Their prices are just so reasonable for such high quality products so I made a couple of little purchases and thought I would do a haul post for you all. 

The item I am most excited about is the Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream in shade St Lucia, I have been after a cream contour shade for ages now so when I found this I was instantly sold. The swatches of this are on the far right of the above picture. The contour cream is a lovely warm brown that isn't too dark which is good for me as I have never used cream contour products before so I really needed something to ease my in gently and this is great for doing just that. And also I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something which I wasn't sure I would even like so at £3.95 this was a no brainer. So far it's going well, I am still trying to get used to it but I am really loving it. I will be doing a full review on this soon so keep your peepers pealed. 

The Matte Lip Color in shade Rich Red is one of my favourite items of this haul. As the name suggests it is a matte lip crayon if you like, the tip and width of the pencil is really fine and diddy so is great for precision around the edges of your lips. I have actually been using this more as a lip liner rather than filling my entire lip with it. Only £3.95! Bargain. 

I am seriously into my cream eye shadows at the moment so when I saw this smudge pot I just had to have it. The creamy formula is really soft and buttery so it is lovely to blend, the colour is more of a brown/bronze colour and has a slight shimmer to it. I wore it on Christmas day to give a nice hit of colour and glitter but it's subtle enough to not look over the top. This looks lovely with a red lip. This was £2.95!

And then lastly I got a couple of blushes, in shades Berry Merry and Mellow Mauve. Mellow Mauve is third in on the left on the above picture and Berry Merry is next to that. These blushes pick up incredibly well onto the brush and are so pigmented it's unbelievable. Mellow Mauve is as it's described, really mellow and subtle. I love this shade for a day time natural look when I don't want too much colour. The Berry Merry shade is a lovely rich pinky shade and reminds me a little of Benefit Rockateur, this is pretty much just a deeper shade version of Mellow Mauve and is perfect for an evening round the pub next to a roaring fire and a glass of red wine. The blushes were both £3.95 each! 

I am completely hooked with ELF now and honestly can see myself purchasing every item on their site. The quality of the products which I have is just incredible for the price you pay. 

Have any of you tried the any of the above products or are there other items you would recommend getting?


  1. I've honestly never got round to making an ELF purchase yet but these look lovely! I'm rather keen to try out a bronzing cream myself as something different rather than your standard bronzing powder. I think I'll definitely have to give this a go as an inexpensive starter, lovely post! x


    1. Oh you must try it and for that price you really can't go far wrong xx

  2. This had made me go onto the site and make a list of everything I need to buy!!! Their brushes are supposed to be really good aswell!

    Jasmine x

    1. Haha, their prices are so reasonable that's it's totally justifiable aswell xx