#7 Sunday Sounds - My Favourite Blogs

Morning lovelies, I don't know about you but on a Sunday I love to stay in bed with a cup of tea catching up with my favourite blogs and increasing my ever growing wish list of products. So with it being Valentines this weekend I thought I would share the love and tell you guys what my favourite blogs are and which blogs inspired me to get into blogging.

First up is Lily Pebbles, I love this girl, she comes across as being so incredibly genuine and just lovely. She also has a very similar skin type as I do so any skincare she recommends I am reasonably confident it would work for me also, I know this sounds quite silly but finding another blogger with the same skin as you really is extremely helpful. I also watch Lily on YouTube and just love her videos, they are always so creative and she doesn't seem to ramble on like other YouTubers I have seen. Her blog is most definitely one of the reasons I got into blogging. 

Other favourites that I class as the 'big boys' and ones that really inspired me to start my own blog:

Then I have my favourites which are more like my own blog, just starting out or a year or so down the line. The girls behind these blogs are what keeps me going and have just made me fall in love with blogging. The community and network is just so supportive and one day I would love to meet these ladies. Their blogs are so unique and all very different in their own lovely and quirky ways. I would highly recommend you check out the below:

So there you have it my current favourite blogs, I am always finding new blogs that I love but these are the ones that I check out all the time and love to keep in touch with the lovely ladies behind the blogs over on Twitter etc. 

I would love to hear what your favourite blogs are. 


  1. Thank you so much for including me Amanda. Some of my favourites are on here too. I agree that the blog community is so supportive, and i've met some amazing people though it!

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds