Babyliss Boutique Range Hairdryer

Nick bought me this hair dryer for my birthday last year, I was in dire need of a new hair dryer so when this landed on my lap I was a very happy girl. Plus the packaging is just dreamy. 

It is 2400W and has a salon grade AC motor, can I just say this hairdryer is pretty incredible. It is super lightweight but packs a massive punch when it comes to power. It has ionic frizz-control which helps to give hair a more smooth and glossier finish. It comes with a concentrator nozzle and a 2.8m cord. 

I absolutely love this hairdryer, it is really compact so great for travelling but the size and weight does not affect the power whatsoever. My hair is really thick and it usually takes me a good 45-60 minutes to properly dry my hair bone dry whereas with this hairdryer it takes me around 25 minutes...that is a massive time difference. It is also comes with 6 setting combinations for power and heat, I tend to have it on the high heat and low power.

All in all, I am really impressed with this hair dryer and I'm really tempted to try out other items within the range because of how great this has been. 

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