Lancome Ombre Hypnose Dazzling Eye Colour

I actually spied this eye colour in my mums beauty drawer when I was having my annual nosey. The shadow itself is a lovely bouncy formula with a mousse like consistency. The product comes with a little brush but I have actually found it easier to use my ring finger and just gently pat and blend onto the lid this way. 

I wasn't massively impressed with the staying power of this product, it only lasted around an hour before it started creasing. The initial application is lovely, it blends well, the pigmentation and density is great, the consistency means it is easy to work with but I just think if a product that has quite a hefty price tag doesn't even last for longer than an hour then is it really worth it. There are four shades within the collection, this is shade 111 which is a lovely silver colour.

All in all, I had seen these little pots on the beauty counter in Debenhams but I'm glad I didn't buy it as I just don't think it is worth the price tag especially when compared to other cheaper alternatives on the market.

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