Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream

I picked up this eye cream within the 3 for 2 offer recently and it was honestly purely down to the fact that I needed to purchase a third item and I was running low on eye cream so here's hoping it's a good one. I must say I don't normally go for pots but this pot is quite large so it is easy enough to extract the cream, it's just the hygiene thing that bothers me a little but I can't get over that.

The cream on first impression is very thick in consistency but light enough to blend well into the under eye area. It sinks in fairly quickly and doesn't feel greasy, containing cucumber juice it feels super refreshing and hydrating on the eyes and also incredibly gentle. It is described as an 'all-point attack on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, pigmentation and tired eyes', it has made a slight difference to puffiness and dark circles on my eyes but it hasn't made a big enough difference to have a positive reaction on me. It has also made the skin around my eyes slightly dry which is not good! It also have a slight illuminating/highlighting finish to the cream which gives the eyes a lovely fresh look.

After using the cream for a couple of days I came out in a really sore dry rash around my eye area, it really wasn't pleasant at all. At first I didn't click on that it could have been the eye cream but the more I thought about it it was the only thing it could have been. The rash was also in the exact place where I apply my eye cream and if I moved my ring finger over where I would apply the cream it matched perfectly. After coming out in the rash I had a little look on Google to see I could find anyone else who may have had the same problem and low and behold there were quite a few. But I also read a lot of reviews raving about the stuff. 

It seems as though the people who react to this cream are the ones with sensitive, dry skin so if you fall within this category I would advise to steer clear or at least do a little patch test first. But as I have already said I have read a lot of reviews saying how great it is, just yet another example of how personal skincare is and what works well for one person may not work well for another. 


  1. It's such a shame you reacted badly to this product. I find with S&G skincare it's a hit and miss! For example, I used to love their Peaches and Clean cleasner, then they changed the formula and now it causes me to break out in spots! :( I love their shower/body stuff though - my absolute faves!

    Rachel | beautyandthebird.co.uk

    1. I absolutely love their body products, just the skincare maybe isn't for me xxx