Brooke Shields for MAC

Nick bought this palette and lip gloss back from Amsterdam for me a while ago, oh that boy knows me well.

The eye shadow palette contains 5 different colours, all of which go lovely together. The shades are so incredibly buttery soft and blend just beautifully. All 5 shades are a shimmer finish with 1 light pink, 1 champagne, 1 rich pink, 1 gold/bronze and 1 purple/berry.  I can't express my love for this little palette enough, the shadows are just so nice to work with. There is minimal fall out and you can create so many different looks with this perfect little palette. 

The lip gloss is a lovely dusky pink colour which honestly you wouldn't know from looking at the bottle, it looks completely different on to when in the bottle. It is quite sticky which isn't my favourite but you can't really get away from this with lip gloss. 

The only criticism I would have is the packaging, the plastic casing feels quite cheap and flimsy but no criticisms whatsoever about the product itself. 

I'm not quite sure if you can get this in the UK, hopefully you can or they will bring it over soon as I would love to get some more items from the range.


  1. That eyeshadow palette is absolutely gorgeous! I've never heard of the brand but definitely going to look into it!
    Rachel Coco

    1. I'm not sure if you can get the range in the UK but it's definitely worth a Google xx

  2. The palette is gorgeous! dusty pink gloss sounds beautiful too :)
    xo, Jessie

    1. The palette is lovely! All of the shades work perfectly together and they are so buttery soft xx