Getting My Pink On

With having green eyes, I have always found that pinks, especially warm toned pinks, tend to suit my eyes and skin colouring more so than any other colour. So over the years I seem to have accumulated rather a large amount of pink makeup products, actually a lot more than what I realised before sorting through my stash for this post!

So I was having a little look through my collection of items and picked out the products which my fingers tend to go for on a regular basis.

For my eyes, I have never really strayed far from the pinky, browny, taupey shades as these are just what suits me and I feel comfortable working with them. I know they will always look good and I always feel confident when wearing them. I picked up the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette, which FYI is a great dupe for the Naked Palette, it's just full of rosey warm toned shadows that are great for us green eyed gals. I would definitely recommend picking up one of these palettes if you don't already own it, at £4.00 it's a no brainer!

Another favourite is this Bourjois Colorband Crayon in shade Mauve Baroque. This is a lovely dusky mauve shade with a slight lilac shimmer. Normally I wouldn't go for anything even slightly lilacy/silvery as it is too cool for my skin tone and green eyes but this one seems to work really well and just looks really pretty and subtle all over the lids.

The last favourite for my eyes is this Mabelline Color Tattoo in shade Metallic Pomegranate. This is a lovely vibrant pink, great for creating for a smokey/plum eye. The colour is quite deep and intense which suits me right down to the ground. I have tried a few of these Color Tattoos and have been so impressed by the quality of the product, they are definitely the best from the drugstore and also even rival some of the more premium brands. 

Onto face, I have three blushes which I just can't put down right now. First is the Stila Convertible Colour Dual Lip and Cheek Cream - what a mouthful, in shade Petunia. When dabbed and blended onto the apples of the cheeks this blush gives a really natural flush of colour. I also really like this product for my lips, it is quite sheer but gives a great shine and just a subtle hint of colour. Great for those 'no makeup' makeup days. 

The ELF Blush in shade Berry Merry is the perfect evening blush for me. It is quite rich in colour so best for the more Winter/Autumn months, it is a lovely rich pinky shade and is very similar to the Benefit Rockateur, this is pretty much just a deeper shade version of Mellow Mauve and is perfect for an evening round the pub next to a roaring fire and a glass of red wine. At £3.95 you need this blush in your life.

Benefit Rockateur blusher has a lovely warm tone to it with a slight shimmer to illuminate. It is slightly more pinky than the Elf Berry Merry so a bit better for the Summer months as it is more subtle and lighter in colour. 

My favourite nude/pink lip stick ever is the MAC Peach Blossom lip stick which is part of the creme sheen range. I much prefer the creme sheen lipsticks because I find them more moisturising on the lips. This lipstick is the perfect medium between pink and nude. It is slightly mauvey toned and just suits me perfectly, it's the lipstick I go for every time I want a more natural lip. It also works really well when you have a dramatic or smokey eye. 

The Bourjois Rouge Edition lip stick in shade Nude is another favourite. This is a very dusky mauve toned liquid lipstick with a matte finish. I do find it slightly drying on the lips but to combat this I just apply a little lip balm before hand. This shade, I find, is perfect for more Winter months when you want a nude lip but not a pale pink nude, more of a natural mauve nude. 

And lastly the Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses are some of my favourite lip glosses, they aren't sticky at all and are really well pigmented. One of my favourite pinks of the range is the Enchanting Coral. It's a really lovely pink toned coral shade and is perfect for Summer/Spring when you want a bit of colour but not full on lipstick colour. 

So these are my favourite pink toned makeup bits, do you use any of these items or have any recommendations?


  1. I love your picks! I also have greeny olive coloured eyes and used to stay away from pinks as I didn't think they suited, but now they're mostly all I wear! x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

    1. I love pinky tones, it suits my eyes perfectly xx

  2. Lovely choices - I ALWAYS stick with pinky-nudes on my lips too. MAC Creme Cup is a current fave that I think you'd like too :)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

    1. Creme cup is on my faves aswell xx

  3. All of these look amazing! I really want to get Rockateur because I've heard great things about it!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

    1. It's one of my all time favourite blushes xx