Updated Evening Skincare

So a couple of months ago I wrote about my evening skincare routine, you can find the post here. I wrote that I wasn't really happy with it and was looking into new products and trying some new items well I have now found my perfect evening skincare. 

Now that I am really happy with my evening routine I thought I would share it with you guys. To remove my makeup I use the Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, this along with the L'Oreal Cleansing Oil are my complete favourite ways to remove my makeup. With having dry skin I much prefer oil/cream based products rather than gel or foam so a cleansing oil is a must for me. This Camomile Cleansing Oil is just divine, you only need one pump to suffice for the whole face and it removes your makeup with such ease that there is no need to rub or scrub at your face and then I just remove the remaining product and makeup with a hot flannel. 

I always like to double cleanse so after I have removed my makeup I then cleanse my face with Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse, this stuff is just incredible. It is a balm like texture when pumped out which then turns into an oil when massaged onto the skin. After the face has been fully cleansed you remove with a hot muslin cloth/flannel. This cleanser makes my skin feel so amazing, it is slightly on the more expensive side compared to other cleansers but the bottle is actually a really good size and you only need the tiniest amount of product for each use. 

Next I use these NIP + FAB Exfoliating Pads, I love these little pads. I'm not a massive fan of actual manual exfoliators as I find them too abrasive for my dry skin but these little pads are soaked in glycolic acid which is a chemical exfoliator. These work so much better for my skin, they leave my skin looking and feeling super soft with a healthy glow. 

After cleansing and exfoliating I use a facial oil and this Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial is just like a miracle in a bottle. It is a treatment oil which I apply in the evening and it just completely transforms my skin, every morning I am so impressed by the ever improving condition of my skin after using this oil. 

And lastly I use Sarah Chapman Eye Recovery, can you see a pattern emerging here, which is a cream based eye cream. It is quite heavy in consistency so I don't know as I would like to use it in the morning underneath my makeup but in the evening it is heavenly. It really helps to calm the skin down around my eyes and helps to de puff and reduce dark circles. 

As you can see I am pretty heavy on the Sarah Chapman front but I just absolutely love the brand and every item I have tried I have absolutely loved. The products just seem to match my skin type perfectly and I am a big believer in investing in skincare, you wear your skin every day so it's important to look after it and if you find a product, premium or budget, that matches it and helps to improve it then you just have to stick with it. 

I feel really content with my skincare routine now and feel every item works perfectly together to improve my skin. 

What skincare do you use, do you use any of these items?


  1. I need to try that Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse! I love her overnight facial. Have you tried her morning facial? Another dreamy product! xx

    1. Yeah I love the morning facial! I use it every Sunday morning without fail to give my skin an instant boost, I don't really like using it when I will be applying makeup but for a natural makeup free day it's lush! Xx