April Favourites

Yep it's that time again, monthly favourites. I know I say it every year but seriously where has this month gone?! This month it was super easy to pick out my favourites as these are pretty much the products I have been using every single day.

First up is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I have been using this as my morning cleanser, I will be doing a full review of this cleanser soon so I don't want to say too much other than I absolutely love it. It leaves a healthy and bright complexion once removed, which just sets me up for the whole day and helps to give my makeup an illuminating and radiant boost.

I have been really struggling with dry patches on my eye lids for the past couple of months, they are really sore and I have been struggling to wear any eye shadow as it just seems to irritate it and everything I tried could not shift it. I used prescription medication, specific creams for eczema and psoriasis, oils...all sorts until my boyfriend Nick, nontheless, recommended Body Shop Hemp Moisturiser and literally it cleared the dry skin up overnight! It is that amazing. I only use the tiniest amount and just massage very gently onto my eye lid over the dry patch area and 'puff' the dry skin is gone. If you have any dry patches then I highly recommend this cream.

Nick went skiing a couple of weeks ago and bought me the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume back from duty free...he's a good egg. I have been absolutely loving this perfume for Spring time, it's really quite individual unlike anything I have smelt before. It's floral and fruity at the same time, the fruity scents include blackberry, grapefruit and pear and the floral scents include jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria.

Now you know how I love my lip balms...well I think I have now replaced my Nivea Lip Butter with something even better. Yes, ya heard me right. Enter Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector. Now I know I am a little late to the party with this one but I was a little begrudged to paying £18.00 for a lip balm but I had some Boots points to use up so thought sod it and treated myself to shade My Pink. These lip balms are so soft and moisturising on the lips but also give a slight subtle hint of colour aswell. Honestly this is now a handbag staple of mine and can see myself getting slightly addicted.

For my eyes, I have been keeping things neutral with a pop of colour through eye liners, so I have been wearing Illamasqua Vintage Metallix Cream Shadow all over the lids in shade Courtier which is a lovely pinky nude with a slight shimmer. And then I have been loving the No7 Shade and Define sticks, I picked up a number of different shades within the Boots 3 for 2 offer not so long ago but my favourite shade of them all is this Gunmetal Grey. I have been using this to line my eyes instead of using the usual brown and I just love it. It's a shimmery dark grey shade with slight bluey undertones. It's just the prettiest shade I ever did see and these sticks are fast becoming my holy grail products. I will be doing a full review on these sticks soon so keep those peepers peeled.

For my mascara I haven't been able to put this Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara down, it gives the lashes a lengthening and more fuller effect. I can't quite work out if this mascara is waterproof or not as it holds the curl like a waterproof mascara but nowhere on the bottle does it say waterproof. Also it is slightly more difficult to remove, nothing too extreme but it takes an oil based cleanser and a couple of cotton pads soaked in micellar water. 

This Revlon Lip Crayon is quite an old item in my makeup collection but I spied it the other week when I was re organising and remembered how much I used to love it. It's in shade 105 Demure and it's a lovely rose gold shade with not so much a glossy finish but a sheeny finish and it just looks so pretty. I'm not a massive lover of a bold lip so this type of shade suits me right down to the ground. 

Lastly, this is the bronzer I have been reaching for every day throughout this month. It consists of three shades that work completely in harmony with each other. It's super pigmented and picks up onto the brush and applies onto the skin like a dream. The shades aren't orangey at all and just help to give a really subtle natural sunkissed glow to the skin. 

So they're my April favourites, have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?


  1. Such a lovely roundup of products! I've really been wanting to try the Oskia cleanser since hearing about it on Vivanna Does Makeup. I love that Maybelline mascara as well, and I love how pretty it looks tucked into blog photos haha

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

    1. Thank you. It is lovely! Feels so luxurious on the skin xx

  2. the body shop hand cream always works wonders for me! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah