Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser

This is one of my mums favourite cleansers and she always used to have a stash in her beauty cabinet so I would always sneak a little blob every so often on the hope that she wouldn't notice, well a couple of months ago she started to notice which meant I had to go out and buy my own. 

There's something so luxurious and dreamy about this cleanser, it has such a silky feel to it and just feels lovely on the skin. It is targeted more towards normal/combination skin, my skin tends to hover around normal/dry/combination so it suits my skin type really quite well. It is a foaming cleanser which is usually a big no no for me as they just dry my skin out far too much but this one doesn't seem to dry the skin out, it removes the excess oil but it doesn't leave skin feeling tight/stripped/dry. 

I tend to use this cleanser when I'm in the shower or in the evening when I haven't worn any makeup to use on my face as a quick cleansing fix. A pea sized amount is all you need to suffice for the whole face, upon contact with water it foams into a rich luxurious lather which feels lovely on the skin. It also has a slight pearlescent shine which helps to inject a little radiance into the skin. 

At £21.00 it's not the most expensive cleanser I've ever bought but it is a premium brand and carries the premium price tag, in all honesty it isn't my most favourite cleanser as I do tend to prefer balms/oils but it does it's job really well and I will continue to re purchase it as it is perfect for when a deep cleanse isn't required. 

Have you ever tried this cleanser? What do you think of it?

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