My Paris Beauty Staples

So if you don't already know I am off to Paris tomorrow for a long weekend with Nick so I have been thinking about what products I would like to take. I always overpack and Nick and I are sharing a suitcase for the trip so I feel seriously pressurised to keep my products to a minimum but after having a long think and rummage through my collection I have found a small number of staples that I am going to take plus a blusher and mascara or two. 

To cleanse I am just taking a couple of little minis I have of existing products but the rest of my skincare I am just going to use these two beauties. These are my current dream team, I slather the Sanctuary Oil Serum on at nighttime to give a hit of hydration and also in the mornings, just not as much product as in the evening, followed by the Elemis Flash Balm. These two together are just so dreamy, the oil/serum gives just enough hydration to my skin and then the flash balm just helps to form a barrier between my makeup and the oil as I wouldn't particularly want my makeup sitting on top of oil. Also it feels really light on my skin so will be perfect for walking around Paris everyday. 

For perfume how could I not take one of my Chanel favourites, Chance is a rich and luxurious scent so is perfect for the evenings when going out for something to eat.

For my foundation it had to be the Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation. This stuff is just lovely. It's a light to medium coverage but is buildable so a fuller coverage for evenings. It gives my beloved dewy finish and is really light in consistency so your skin still feels like it can breathe so will be perfect for a city break. 

For the eyes I love a good bronze, it suits me perfectly and just goes with any look/outfit. So I have picked out these two, the Topshop Cream Shadow in Stripped to use as either a base or to use with the bronze to create a natural smokey look. For the bronze shade I will be taking Maybelline Color Tattoo in shade On and On Bronze. I am taking cream based shadows as they just last longer on me than powder shadows and I always think the colour payoff is so much better. 

Lastly for the lips I have got two options. Firstly how could I not include a true red when going to Paris and for this I chose NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in shade Cruella, I thought I could wear this in the evenings for a more glammed up look. And then for the daytime I have got the newly released Lancome Shine Lover Lipstick in shade Twisted Beige, these are really hydrating on the lips and are said to last up to 8 hours so will be perfect for the daytime for a natural look. 

So there you have it, my Paris beauty staples. I think I've got them pretty streamlined if I do say so myself. 


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