Dr.PawPaw Original Balm

Hi I'm Amanda and I'm a lip-balmaholic. Anyone that knows me knows about my love for the stuff. I am actually at the point now where I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't have any lip balm on my lips. Yep, ridiculous I know. So when I was contacted about reviewing this Dr.PawPaw Original Balm* I jumped at the chance.

It contains a whole host of lovely ingredients, Carica Papaya which contains vitamin A and C, calcium, iron, potassium all of which help the skin to repair and inject hydration. Olive Oil which is a great anti-inflammatory and Aloe Leaf Juice which helps to restore moisture and promotes healthy youthful looking skin and hair. 

This is a multi tasking balm which can be used on your lips, hair, cuticles, nails and dry skin. I have been using this for all sorts of tasks, for one I have really dry cuticles so have been using this and it has really helped with softening them up so I can remove them with a cuticle remover. On my lips, of course. Some lip balms actually make my lips even drier for some bizarre reason but this balm really helps to soothe my lips and because it's fragrance free and clear in colour I have been wearing it constantly. I have also been using for the dry skin around my nose and on my eye lids and it has really helped to clear this up. You can also use for hair which I am a little apprehensive about as I can't quite see what it would do unless you have really bad split ends etc. I have however been using it on my brows and lashes to help condition them overnight. 

All in all I absolutely love this balm, you can literally use it for anything and everything and at just £6.95 it's an absolute bargain. You can find Dr.PawPaw in Harvey Nichols, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. It's perfect for the festival season coming up and quite frankly I reckon every woman, and man even, need this in their lives. 


  1. I received this to try and have been loving it. It will definitely feature in my monthly favourites.


    1. Isn't it just lovely! It's in my June favourites! :) xx