Current Favourite Duo

So I'm having a real phase at the moment of using these two products together every Sunday night. I normally can just never be bothered to use a body scrub, it just seems like another step in a never ending beauty routine so I often miss it out but this stuff has got me hooked! 

So first I use the Philosophy Candied Pecan Body Scrub, I massage this all over my body with an exfoliating mitt. This stuff, let me tell you, smells insanely ah-mazing. It's so sweet smelling, it's just a caramelly, nutty, gooey mess that leaves your skin feeling and looking super soft and glowy. If you're not a fan of sweet smelling products then this won't be for you as it's a pretty sickly sweet scent but I absolutely love it. Then I follow with the Body Shop Smoky Poppy shower gel. I would never have put these two products together in a million years but I find the Smoky Poppy scent actually quite masculine and deep which I love, so it really helps to soften the sweet scent of the scrub down and all you're left with is a really deep and luxurious nutty scent that is just to die for. This is great for a real pamper night as the two scents mixed together makes me so relaxed and they leave my skin feeling super duper soft. 

I know this is a bit of a short but sweet post but I just wanted to share this little duo with you as I can't get enough of it. 

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