In Shower Cleansing

So you all know by now that I love my cleansers. When I shower in the morning I like to use a facial wash in the shower to initially wake my face up and then properly cleanse when I get out so today I thought I bring my top choices for cleansing when in the shower.

First is the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser. I just adore this facial wash, it lathers up into such a creamy and luxurious lather upon contact with water. I use this wash when my face is drier than usual as it really helps to soothe it and doesn't dry it out at all. It feels super gentle on the skin and leaves my skin feeling moisturised rather than stripped.

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash is very similar to the Estee Lauder Foaming Cleanser but it's not as moisturising. This is my daily go to, one because it's cheaper than the Estee Lauder version so I don't mind using it more often and two it's a lot lighter in formula so it's perfect for everyday use. You know that tight feeling that some cleansers leave you with after washing the product off? I get a similar feeling with this cleanser, it's not an uncomfortable tightness by any stretch of the imagination. It just gives a more 'squeaky' clean feeling. 

Lastly if my skin is maybe feeling a bit bumpy or a little lacklustre then I give it a quick scrub with this in the shower which leaves my skin looking fresh and ready for the day ahead. The scent of this scrub is just heaven, it smells of fresh peaches which when I'm half asleep in the early hours of the morning is lovely and refreshing.

So there you have it, a short but sweet post but a post that I wanted to share with you guys. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?


  1. I've recently been using some Soap and Glory cleanser and love it, so definitely need to give their scrub a go too!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

    1. Yes, if you like the cleansers then if you like this xx

  2. I love Soap & Glory's skinicare, and this scrub sounds amazing - definitely going to check it out now! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. It definitely worth checking out xx