MAC Lipstick Collection

We all know and love them, MAC Lipsticks. Whatever you like to achieve with your lipstick, whether it be matte, creamy, bright, nude or red you will find your perfect match from this brand. The range of lipsticks that they have is just so incredibly varied you are guaranteed to find something for you. Like most beauty bloggers I love my MAC lipsticks and have an ever growing collection so thought I would bring you the lipsticks in my current collection. 

So going from left to right the first lippie we have is Creme Cup. This is part of the Creme Sheen collection, this is my favourite collection of the lot from MAC as I find the lipsticks from this range are so much more moisturising than any of the other collections. They also have a really creamy sheen finish so look super pretty when applied. Creme Cup is a really pretty pale/nude pink and is perfect for everyday wear. Then we have Peach Blossom which is also from the Creme Sheen range. This is slightly more rose/mauve toned than Creme Cup and is a lot more subtle. This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, I have re purchased this lipstick very recently as you can probably tell from the above image, this is the first lipstick that I have ever used up completely and re purchased so that's gotta say something. 

Then we have Chatterbox which is part of the Amplified range, the Amplified lipsticks give great pigmentation. They are an opaque finish, similar to the colour payoff you would get from a matte finish but not as drying. Chatterbox is a lovely girly pink shade that is perfect for this time of year, it really helps to perk up any makeup look. Next is Sunny Seoul which is another one from the Creme Sheen collection, this is a really pretty pink with a very slight shimmer to it. I absolutely love this lipstick for Spring. 

Then lastly we've got Vegas Volt which is part of the Amplified range, this is a really bright orange toned shade. This is perfect for creating a bold summer lip. And then we've got Lady Bug which for me is the perfect red. This is part of the Lustre range which gives quite a sheer finish with a glossy sheen. I would describe Lady Bug as a more purple toned red so is quite deep but is perfect for the Wintery months. 

I have got a few more shades on my wish list which I will hopefully be purchasing soon, have you got any recommendations?


  1. You have such a fab collection. I need some neutral shades in my collection so these look perfect.. I love Milan Mode and Rebel. :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I haven't tried either of those! Might add them to my Wishlist xx

  2. Gorgeous shades, and I love your photography! Looks great :)

    lillies and lipbalm

  3. I love every single colour you have!

    My Pretty Mess Diary by Joanne Catherine |Bloglovin|

    1. Get yourself down to MAC :) xx