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So if you're an avid follower of Dreaming Pretty then you'll know what a fan I am of serums. I completely and whole heartedley rely on them, and oils, to give my skin the moisture that it needs as my skin can get quite oily throughout the day so I tend to wear light moisurisers, which don't have a great deal of moisture in them. Anyway, I thought to myself the other day that I go on quite a lot about serums but have never done a blog post on them so here we go, my current favourite serums. 

Going from left to right, firstly it's the Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster. I'm going to be doing a full review on this serum soon so I don't want to say too much other than I love it. Sarah Chapman can do no wrong in my eyes. Every single product I have tried from this brand I have absolutely loved. This serum is aimed towards hydration, I prefer to use this serum in the evenings as a more targeted treatment serum when my skin is feeling a bit more on the dry side and needs that instant hydration kick. It leaves skin feeling hydrated and visibly plump. 

Next it's the Sanctuary Wonder Oil Serum, now you already know my love for this stuff. This is like a hybrid between a serum and oil, it has all the benefits of an oil but sinks in as fast as a serum. I have been using this product in place of my morning serum and moisturiser, honestly, I didn't think this would be hydrating enough for my skin but it totally is. It instantly makes my skin feel soft, smooth and plump and sinks in almost instantly so there is no greasy residue left over meaning it's perfect for morning use. 

Then we have the Elemis Visible Brilliance Serum, this serum is targeted at brightening the skin and giving a more luminous effect. This serum gives an instant glow to the skin, so when I'm feeling a little lacklustre or my skin looks a little dull and in need of some help then this is the serum that I turn to. It's not massively hydrating but is super brightening so I tend to use on days when my skin a little dull and grey. 

Next is the Bobbi Brown Advanced Extra Bright Serum, this stuff is like a miracle in a bottle. Upon applying it instantly perks up your skin and helps to calm any redness, dark spots and fine lines. This is similar to the above Elemis serum but with added hydration. After using this serum my skin and face looks so healthy and bright and it even helps to illuminate my makeup as well. Containing ingredients such as vitamin c, grapefruit and whey protein it is a cocktail of goodness for your skin.

Up next is the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Serum. This is described as a high-powered serum that optimizes cell renewal to continually reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin. It helps to bring vibrant new cells to the surface for a refined, uniform texture and renewed healthy glow. I can completely agree with this, it's so velvety soft on the skin and gives an instant healthy lit from within glow. This serum makes my skin feel so smooth and plump and upon applying it's so soothing and hydrating. 

Lastly, it's the This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence. This is another product that I will be doing a full review on soon so keep those peepers pealed but I wanted to include it in this post as I just love it so much. So this is possibly a slight cheat serum as it's actually a pre serum product but can also be used as a serum. It's a very light liquid, almost watery, that contains hyaluronic acid so is slightly exfoliating on the skin. I haven't been using this product for all that long but I already love it, This Works products never seem to disappoint me and this is no exception. This leaves no residue and sinks in instantly so offers the perfect base to then apply either another serum on top if you're wanting a serious hydration kick or to just apply your moisturiser or oil over the top.

So that's my current favourite serums, you'll notice that majority of them are of a higher more premium price band, this is just personal preference for me. I have tried many a drugstore serum but never found any, other than the Sanctuary Wonder Oil Serum, that really match my skin type and live up to what I want out of a serum. This is purely down to my skin type and personal preference as I am a big believer in investing in my skincare but I would love to hear if any of you have any recommendations on other serums to try. 

Have you tried any of these serums? What do you think of them?


  1. Going to bookmark this post for when my current serum runs out because I'm a big serum fan too! xx


  2. I have never tried any serums before! I might have to try the Sarah chapman one but I'll stay posted for your review!

    Jacynta xx

    1. Really?! The Sarah Chapman one is lovely! Xx

  3. These all sound amazing! I'm definitely coming back to this post next time I need a new serum. I can't wait to read your review on the Sarah Chapman one!

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

    1. It will be up in the next week or so hun xx