Mandara Spa

Mandara Spa is a brand that I haven't really heard a lot about and after trying these products I am so blown away that I'm lusting after pretty much every product from the brand. To give you a bit of background, Mandara Spa is a bath and body range inspired by spa rituals from the far away exotic and tropical destinations of Bali, Thailand, Hawaii and The Maldives. All products are free from SLS, SLES, Parabens and Mineral Oil so sit very well with my image of bodycare. This also makes them perfect for sensitive skin. The brand contains 6 collections, all of which are inspired by a different destination and spa experience so are completely individual and unique. The most recent releases are the Bali Santi* and Beauty Butter* Collections which I have been lucky enough to receive. Other collections within the brand are Tropical Blooms, Honeymilk Dream, Amber Heaven and Island Paradise.

Firstly, I want to talk about the Beauty Butter Collection. I received the Foot Butter* and Hand Butter* both of which feel so luxurious from the packaging to the actual product itself. The Hand Butter contains a cocktail or moisturising, soothing and hydrating ingredients; shea and cocoa butter to moisturise, almond oil to smooth, coconut oil to nourish and glycerine to hydrate. This stuff feels so luxurious when applied, it's quite a thick cream but it massages effortlessly into the skin and sinks in almost immediately so it doesn't leave any residue or greasiness behind. Plus the scent is just incredible. The Foot Butter contains similar ingredients to the Hand Butter but also contains citrussy notes to give a refreshing feel to the feet. Along with that it also contains jojoba oil which helps to soften the skin and rosemary, lavender and sweet orange for their relaxing scent. This gives an instant relief to dry and tired feet, I have been applying at night for the past week and my feet are noticeably softer and dry skin is a thing of the past. At just £4.50 for 75ml, these butters are incredibly purse friendly and I will definitely be purchasing these when I run out. 

Next, it's the Bali Santi Collection. I received the Blooming Bath & Shower Oil* and the Smoothing Body Polish*. Let me just say, I love these products. The scent of these two items just instantly take me back to being on holiday. The Blooming Bath & Shower Oil is probably my most favourite item of the lot, generally I'm not a massive fan of gel based shower products as they really dry my skin out so the moment I laid my eyes on this product it was love. When dispensed it's an oil but the moment it is within contact of water or applied to the body it turns into a rich creamy milk. It contains coconut and sweet almond oil that both help to nourish and moisturise the skin. Since receiving this product 7 days ago I haven't been able to use anything else in the shower, my skin feels both refreshed and moisturised after using this and considering I have used this every day for the past week I have literally only used the tiniest amount from the bottle. At £7.00 for 300ml this is super reasonably priced for the level of quality that you will be getting.

The Smoothing Body Polish is also now a firm favourite of mine aswell. This is a cream based body exfoliator that contains coconut shell to smooth the skin, it also contains coconut oil to nourish and moisturise. Now if you're an avid follower of Dreaming Pretty then you will most likely know that I'm not normally a fan of body exfoliators, I just generally can't be arsed with them but this is another matter. It feels so luxurious on the skin that it feels like more of a treat to use rather than an effort. I often find that some exfoliators/scrubs can really dry out my skin but because of the coconut oil this does the opposite. It helps to moisturise my skin aswell as exfoliate. For £8.00 for 350ml, again this is such a great price for the quality of product you would be getting.

All in all I am completely in love with these products. They have impressed me so much with the high level of quality for an absolute fraction of the cost. I already have my eye on the Lip Butters and and Glistening Body Oil. If you want to check out the brand and collections then just click here. I can't recommend these products enough and personally guarantee you won't be disappointed.