Right Guard Total Defence 5 Anti-Perspirants

I have been wanting do a post about those products that no one wants to talk about it for quite some time now so when the lovely people at Right Guard got in touch to send me two of their anti-perspirants it gave me the push I needed. So today we're talking deodorants.

We use them every day so I don't know why we don't shout about them more often but anti-perspirants, for me personally, play a massive role in my daily routine. We can shout from the rooftops about the latest Chanel lipstick or the new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette but when it comes down to it none of those things matter if we don't already feel comfortable with ourselves. I know for a fact if I'm a sweaty mess going out in public no amount of red lipstick is going to make me feel better. But these Right Guard Total Defence 5 Anti-Perspirants* will definitely keep you covered.

The aim of Total Defence 5 is to fight against 5 signs of perspiration; odour, wetness, stickiness, bacteria and stains. And it also works towards giving you 48 hours of protection which is some mean feat. These anti-perspirants both benefit from a new Lock-Fresh Technology that contains antibacterial molecules to help fight against odour giving a fresh feeling for longer.

Firstly, it's the Total Defence 5 Flower Power. I really like this, it gives not only great protection for up to 48 hours but also gives a really fresh and feminine fragrance of Viola ad Orchid giving that 'just showered' freshness. The Lock-Fresh Technology benefits from active fragrance molecules which release the fresh floral scent continuously throughout the day. Some deodorants give that first initial hint of scent and freshness but then die out after an hour or so...not this one. I have been loving this on the days that I haven't been going out anywhere, this has been acting as not only my anti-perspirant but also my perfume as the scent is so pretty.

Then I have the Total Defence 5 Pure. This is the perfect every day anti-perspirant with it's scent-free formula. For those times when you're wanting an anti-perspirant that you can depend on for keeping you feeling and smelling fresh without the tell tale scent, this is your go to. It's also perfect for sensitive skin with 0% alcohol, 0% parabens and 0% colourants.

You can find these in all major retailers and pharmacies naionwide at a cost of £2.89 for 250ml which honestly is great value for money. So what are you waiting for. 


  1. Every time i buy right guard for my bf i love it as it lasts well on men but i have never thought to buy it for myself, this post has made me see sense! Thanks lovely xx

    An Impatient Scottish Girl

    1. They are really great products! Xx

  2. Right guard is the only product that actually works for me! Idk why, must be stronger or something! Great review xx