Current Loves

So I recently started this 'Current Reads' posts about blogs that I am currently loving but I felt it was a bit restrictive to actual blogs rather than Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter etc. I have now changed the title to 'Current Loves' as this gives me more flexibility of what I can include so today I wanted to bring you my current favourites on Instagram:

You know that feeling when you find that one personal style Instagram account that you can completely relate to and have a very similar style? Well, that's what I have found in @missy_elz's account. I literally check her feed every single day in the hope of another image to give me some much needed inspiration in my current extremely boring wardrobe. Also, a lot of the items that she wears are often from our most beloved high street stores making the items so much more accessible for the average joe.

Another Instagram account that I'm loving at the moment is @daisymgreen. Her photos are always so clean and crisp and just generally beautiful. I like to take a lot of inspiration from Instagram for my own photos and this lovely account gives me a whole lotta inspiration.

The last account that I'm completely crushing on is @wearetwinset. This account is managed by 2 best friends that work as Stylists (I think) in the big smoke so of course they are seriously fashionable. They always look so classy and effortless and I just generally love to live vicariously through their Instagram account.

So they're my current favourites which I am checking on pretty much a daily basis at the moment. What are your favourites?


  1. I actually love following Humans of New York on Instagram. They're not fashion or beauty related obviously but it's such a great account! The stories people have always amazes me.


    1. Oh I'll make sure I check that account out xx

  2. you are the queen of flatlays! I've just found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading more :)


    1. Haha, thank you hun! I love a good flatlay xx