#41 Sunday Sounds - Colouring Books for Adults

There's nothing better sometimes than spending your Sunday doing absolutely nothing. Sitting in front of the tele with film after film playing, a big bar of Dairy Milk next to you and a colouring book. Yes, a colouring book. There's quite the hype going around at the moment for these colouring books for adults so of course I jumped on the bandwagon and treated myself to a couple.

There's something really quite satisfying about sitting down and taking a couple of hours out to, well, colour in. When you search on the internet 'colouring books' the amount of pages that come up advising it can reduce stress and anxiety levels, it can also help you to relax at night giving a better nights sleep, keeping your hands moving and your mind active can reduce chances of developing certain mental illnesses in older age...you wouldn't believe the claims some people are making.

After having a very hectic and stressful time in my life a couple of weeks ago I thought you know what I'm gonna buy a colouring book as I thought it might help to de-stress at night and take my mind of a few things. Well, I absolutely love it. I used to love colouring in at school when I was little, trying really hard to keep in the lines so it looks neat and tidy and taking a good couple of minutes every time I picked out a new crayon to make sure the colour was absolutely perfect.

I purchased two books, I wasn't particularly interested in books full of flowers or birds etc, I just wanted patterns so I settled on one book that was full of different patterns, butterflies, flowers, snow flakes etc which is right up my street. And then I got another book, a Christmas book, oh yes. It's got Christmas trees, snow flakes, snowmen, presents, candles, reindeer, Santa Clause...the job lot.

I've only really just started the books but I am loving it. It completely relaxes me and takes me right back to my childhood. I can definitely see why there's such a buzz going round about these, they're addictive. Have you bought into the craze yet? I highly recommend.


  1. Colouring books are just such a good way to destress, now they're back in my life I wonder why I stopped in the first place!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I love colouring books too, but I was sad to discover I'm 21 and I can't actually colour in very well hahah!

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. Haha! Practice makes perfect Hannah xx

  3. Colouring books have been one of my favourite de-stressers for a while now. They're are some new arrivals later this year including harry potter themed ones. I'll be getting those too haha.
    Great post lovely.

    1. No way! I'll definitely be getting that xx