Autumn Skincare Favourites

Well Autumn is well underway, frosty mornings, fluffy socks, chunky scarves and hot chocolates are a small selection of why this is my favourite season. One thing I don't love about Autumn is how my skin always reacts. My skin is really dry and dehydrated so the cold weather outside and warm central heating and open fires inside play havoc with my skin, making it even more dry and dehydrated so there's a handful of products that I know I can depend on to keep my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

Throughout Spring and Summer I normally use a lightish cleansing milk or cream but as soon as Autumn/Winter rears it's head the cleansing balms come out in full force and this Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm is just dreamy. It has a lovely spa like scent that instantly relaxes and soothes my skin and is super rich in texture so feels amazing on the skin after a long day. I massage this into my face and then remove with a hot flannel and my skin is left feeling clean, soothed, hydrated and plump.

To hydrate and moisturise my skin I use a duo of products which may well just be my perfect pair. Firstly I use the Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster, this is a serum to be used before an oil or cream and gives an instant moisture boost. It is seriously hydrating which is exactly what my skin is in need of at this time of year. I use this on a daily basis as my evening serum and every morning I wake up I am amazed at the results. My skin is guaranteed to look plump, healthy and glowing every time I use this. Then to lock in the hydrating properties of this serum I follow with the Antipodes Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Facial Oil. Containing a blend of avocado, rosehip, macadamia, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, orange oils and vitamin E it's a cocktail of goodness for the skin. It sinks in super quickly and doesn't feel greasy in the slightest, some facial oils can get a little greasy/slick feeling but not this one. After using this my skin is absolutely glowing in the morning, all redness has disappeared and my skin is left looking healthy and radiant.

Then lastly I use the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster, I add a couple drops of this into my evening oil and leave to sink in and develop overnight. I love this product, it gives a really flawless, subtle golden glow to the face and just gives the impression of a healthy and even complexion. I surprisingly get a lot more use out of this product in the Autumn/Winter months as I like the subtle glow it gives, which, let's face it, I'm not gonna get naturally at this time of year.

So they're the products I have been and will be reaching for over the next couple of months. Have you tried these? What do you think of them? What products are you reaching for at this time of year?


  1. Sarah Chapman is a holy-grail brand, for me and I can't live without that serum or her morning and overnight facial oils. Oskia's Perfect Cleanser and Renaissance Mask are other must-haves in my skincare cupboard, during A/W!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  2. The Antipodes oil sounds incredible!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  3. I need that Sarah Chapman product in my life, it sounds perfect!

    xo, Liz

    1. It's a complete life saver for me xx

  4. These all sound amazing, I really want to try the Clarins glow booster!


    1. It's a great product for giving a subtle radiance to the skin xx

  5. Ooh I will definitely check out the Clarins Glow Booster - I don't think I've come across it before but it sounds like something I'd love :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  6. I haven't tried any of these products, but the Antipodes Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Facial Oil sounds amazing! I usually just put on a face mask occasionally, but these products sound nice and hydrating. I'll definitely have to check them out :)