Guest Post with Jasmine Harding Makeup: A/W Transitional Lipsticks

Since we've hit October, Autumn is in full swing and it's time to leave behind the peach and pink glosses and say hello to dark berries and nude lips. The one thing I really love about Autumn is the makeup, flawless skin with a bold lip is my thing and playing around with different shades and finishes is something I do nearly every day. Although I love my reds, Autumn is also a time for berries and plums, some more subtle and some in your face shades. The berry lip is perfect for a transitional look, it slowly moves your makeup into A/W without going in with a full on dark red, we'll save that for November and the Christmas party season. 
A deep plum is the ideal Autumn shade, soft enough to wear in the day and bold enough to take through to the evening. MAC Rebel is a beautiful berry shade that has a semi matte finish, making it perfect for the wild and wet weather that comes with Britain as it will not budge. With the classic vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks have, this smells as good as it looks and the luxuriously creamy formula glides on, leaving a satin finish that hydrates and plumps the lip. My go to look with this would be a mauve blush (Benefit Dallas) and a bronze eye (NARS Telesto). 
For something more subtle but still on the berry side, Chanel Ingenue 96 is my go to. The Rouge Coco Hydra Base lipsticks are incredibly moisturising and lightweight in formula, they smooth onto the lips without pulling or sticking, creating an even lip colour that protects, nourishes and enhances. Ingenue is a high shine berry and with light reflecting particles it really plumps the lip, creating the illusion of a bigger pout. This is the perfect everyday shade that goes with any eyeshadow or blush but still keeps everything Autumnal. Ingenue is sadly no longer available but Emotion 92 is very similar in shade. 
The last of my transitional lip colours is Topshop Naturist. The most subtle and barely there of them all and the perfect mauve/nude for the A/W if you don't want to be wearing anything to dark or bold. Topshop lipsticks are incredibly creamy making them super duper easy to apply, they glide on and create the perfect lip shape, with or without a liner. Despite being moisturising, this does give a pretty matte finish that stays put up to about 4 hours before having to re-apply so is a great everyday pick that can be topped up on the go without a mirror.
What are your favourite transitional lipsticks?


  1. Lovely shade! My favourite lipstick right know is Mac taupe .

    Alexandra x

  2. I love the Chanel lipstick. Such a shame Ingenue isn't available anymore. I'll have to check out Emotion instead!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  3. I am obsessed with MAC Rebel right now, it's the perfect fall shade!

    xo, Liz

  4. Oh I love the idea of all of these shades. I'm currently loving the Laura Mercier rouge nouveau lipstick in Sin. It's a perfect sheered out berry that helps transition into the full impact of all wonderful things for Fall and Winter!

    Cindy // www.cindyhyue.com