Hair Care and Styling

When it comes to hair products I have a certain few items that have stood the test of time and are now holy grail products for me. My hair is very oily so I have to be careful when selecting products as majority make my hair go super greasy looking and also if I handle my hair too much that will also make it go greasy so I need products that are pretty much gonna do all the work for me. My hair is also quite annoying as the strands themselves are very fine but I have a whole lotta strands making my hair very thick and heavy so I always look for products that won't weigh it down even more. Enter the favourites.

To keep my hair feeling and looking healthy and glossy, without the grease, I use the Silk and Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask. Now, at first I didn't massively love this product but after using on numerous occasions I have come to love the results and product. You apply it just as you would a conditioner, after shampooing, leave for around 10 minutes then rinse out. The thing I love most about this mask is that it is really light in consistency so doesn't leave my hair feeling or looking full of product and it doesn't weigh my down either. Then I also apply a couple drops of the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment into the ends of my hair when still damp. Thanks to it's ultra light formula it instantly sinks into the hair without leaving any residue or greasiness behind and my hair is left feeling silky soft with a healthy shine. Plus the scent of this just reminds me of holidays.

Then for styling, yep, you guessed it, I love Charles Worthington products. I just find that they suit my hair really well and I have never been disappointed with their products and well you know what they say...don't try to fix what ain't broke. Before blow drying I run the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse through all my hair and it just gives that natural volumised finish...nothing too big and obvious just a nice volume that honestly lasts all day long. I often find with some volume mousse's that they can make hair go crispy and heavy, this is the complete opposite. I had a couple of volume mousse's in my cupboard that I was using up a couple of weeks ago and they just don't compare. Next, of course it's my beloved Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray, I don't think I really need to say anything about this product. You guys know how much I love it, it gives great texture and hold to the hair without feeling crunchy or heavy in the slightest. Then lastly, I tend to only use this product when I'm going out in the evening etc as it gives some serious volume and I don't always want that in the daytime. It's the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Root Lift Backcomb Powder. This is great for adding that little grip and strength to your style, I often use this if I'm putting my hair up on my roots to give a bit of lift to a ponytail etc. I have tried loads of these powders and this is the only one that doesn't make my hair feel full of product.

So that's it, the current hair care and styling products that I love to use. What are yours? Any recommendations?


  1. Moroccan Oil is an absolute must-have.. I use it daily and it makes such a difference to my hair. It's so much softer and smoother! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Ooh I'm glad you liked the Charles Worthington powder as I just bought it because the don't do the texturising spray in mini for my handbag (love that stuff!) xx

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