Koko Hair Extensions

Honestly, I've never really been the type for hair extensions. I've just never felt the need for them and plus I've heard some real mixed reviews that quite frankly just put me off. However the more I think about it the more intrigued I get, any sort of volume (real or false) is a good thing in my book and an added length for a bit of glamour never hurt anyone. The clip in extensions are definitely the type that I sway more towards, I just feel you have a lot more freedom with them. Koko Couture are a relatively new brand on my radar and have just recently revamped their packaging into this simple but smart look.

Now being a complete hair extension novice on first impressions I didn't have the first clue what to do with these extensions but after watching a very quick and helpful tutorial on YouTube I was well on my way. I have the 3 Weft Curly Hair Extensions which as the name would suggest comes in 3 separate wefts. I've never really thought about it too much but having 3 wefts is so much easier to work with then 1, it gives you so much more flexibility with your hairstyle. You can wear just one in the crown of your hair to give some volume and length or you can wear all three to give luscious volume and thickness throughout. The extensions come styled in curls but are heat resistant so you can straighten or change the style in however way you like. You can also wash the extensions if you wish.

Having only being able to describe my hair colour over email I thought there's no way these extensions are going to match my hair colour. Wrong was I. They match perfectly, and when I say perfectly, I mean perfectly. They have a massive range of colours to choose from so honestly there's something there to match everyone's hair colour. They are super easy to apply, they have small inconspicuous clips on the inside of the wefts which you clip into your own hair, simple.

I absolutely love these extensions, they're so easy to use and look great! Plus, you can pick up the 3 Weft Curly Hair Extension for £19.99, yep you read it right, £19.99. Absolute bargain if you ask me.

*this post contains a gifted pr sample