#44 Sunday Sounds - Interior Inspiration

Nick and I are currently in the process of doing that whole grown up thing and saving for a house so of course whilst Nick does the sensible stuff I spend hours surfing Pinterest and looking through Kitchen brochures for pretty ideas. I'm all about the soft furnishings when it comes to home items and I think I've already purchased in excess of 10 throws and 20 cushions...oops. But on a more serious note I have found some really handy sites and tools to use when searching for interior inspiration so wanted to share them with you guys.

Pinterest, obviously Pinterest is at the top of the list. I love how you search for anything you want with keywords or themes etc and then pin every look you like to your own boards. It's such a handy tool for on the go and gives you some really great ideas.

Brochures, I can't tell you how many kitchen brochures I now own. It's ridiculous. But they are really useful when thinking of kitchen ideas, different style worktops, handle design, door colour...the list is endless and it's not only restricted to kitchens, there are brochures for bathrooms, bedrooms, gardens...I could go on.

Magazines, specifically Country Living. I love this magazine and coincidently mine and Nicks house will be in the country so I feel this magazine is very apt.

Catalogues, receiving Next Home in the post every season sends me into a tizz every time. I love to sit down with a cuppa tea and flick through a good catalogue, the only bad thing is I then have a massive list of things to buy at the end of it.

Blogs, there's blogs out there for everything nowadays so of course I got to surfing the web and found numerous amounts of blogs that I absolutely love but the one that matches my style completely is At Home With Abby, I completely love her blog. She has many amazing ideas and the photography is just...perfect.

So they're my current favourite tools to procrastinate for hours on end. Do you have any recommendations for me?


  1. Pinterest is my go to for inspiration, I could endlessly scroll the Interiors tag all day long!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I love Pinterest! There are so many pretty things and great ideas there. I could easily waste half a day pinning.

    xo, Liz